Tuesday, September 25, 2007

chapter 2

Dungy was explaining his family life and how things were when he was growing up as a kid. He talked about his three siblings and he also talked about his parents lives and the things he learned from them. He explained his love for basketball and all the places he went to play it and all the people that he met doing it most of which are pro today.

chapter one

Dungy had gottne fired from his job as the buccaneers head coach and was packing up his things in his office and was walking around the stadium remember good memories.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


1. A link to the essay

2. Author
Albert Einstein

3. Title
An Ideal of Service to Our Fellow Man

4. One sentence of what the belief is
"Man's ethical behavior should be effectively grounded on compassion, nurture and social bonds."

5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
-"What is moral is not the divine, but rather a purely human matter, albeit the most important of all human matters."
-"It is a very high goal: free and responsible development of the individual."

6. 1 favorite passage
"The pursuit of recognition for their own sake, an almost fanatical love of justice and the quest for personal independence form the traditional themes of the Jewish people, of which I am a member."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 questions

1. The thing at edina high school im most anxious for would have to be the new senery and the new people that came from south view because after the 2 years at valley view with the same people its kinda new and fun to have a completly different enviroment in both senery and people.

2. One goal I have for myself in my sophmore year is to get straight A's in all my classes and at least a B in AP Euro. because in the past few years i have had all A's and one or two B's so this year im gunna get all A's.