Tuesday, December 18, 2007

week 5 post B

"The time of the Re-Evolution is here!"(251)- This quote is a turning point in the book because the thing that they don't want to happen is now happening. The re-evolution is a plan that the bad guys have to make a perfect world by killing all of the useless people and keep the healthy ones that can contribute to society. Max's job was to prevent this from starting and it has started. She now is doing everything in her power to get an army together and take on the bad guys to stop the re-evoltuion. But this is a hard task because first she has to destroy all the headquarter buildings of the company that is doing this.

week 5 post A

claustrophobia- The fear of being in a small space
Picturesque- unusual and vivid

figurative language:
"The sadness about my mother was like crying your guts out."(267)- simile
"Im like a damsel in distress."(286)- simile
"You write like a drunk monkey but you'll get there."(287)- simile

"But i am your mother, Max."(260)- This quote is significant to the book because Max grew up not knowing her mother and now she meets her and she is one of the people trying to kill her.

The theme of everyone banding together to defeat the bad guys is the emerging theme.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

week 4 post B

"And just to set the record straight, I left him. A split second after he left me."(183)- This quote is a big changing point in the book for the flock. After Max let Ari into the group Fang didn't want to be around anymore because Ari had tried to kill him before. So Fang made the decision to leave the flock and go his separate way. But before he left he wanted to know if anyone wanted to go with him and 2 other members of the flock did. So the flock was split into two, which is not good because they need to stick together to finish their mission that they were assigned. Now Fang and his two other flock members are in california and Max and her three members of the flock are in europe.

week 4 post A

redundant- exceeding what is necessary or normal.
dissemination- to disperse throughout.

Figurative language:
"Us.... on a plane. That seemed so wrong, somehow. Redundant."(188)"Isnt that redundant?"(189)- irony because they were thinking the same thing.
"Flying west without Max was like flying with one wing missing."(190)- simile.
"The building was gloomy like a dark cave."(212)-simile.

"The opposite of wherever Max was going."(191)- This is a big part in the book because the flock just split up.

danger aproching seems to be the rising theme.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

week 3 post B

"We're shutting down all of our recombinant-DNA experiments. All of the lupine-human blends have been retired, and it's time to retire you too."(122). - This quote is a huge climax in the book. The bad people are going to terminate the flock. The bad people are the ones that made them the human-bird combination and now that the flock is useless they are going to kill them. The bad people also killed all of there other experiments too. So now the flock is in a sticky situation and they have to get out of it before they end up being killed.

week 3 post A

Recombinant(118)- an organism, cell, or genetic material formed by recombination.
conundrums(124)- a confusing and difficult problem or question.

Figurative language:
"My blood turned to icy slush in my veins."(119)- metaphor
"They were hung in rows on metal hooks, like raggedy coats in a closet."(131)- simile
"It was like looking up and seeing a trains headlights coming right at you, and your feet just can't move off the track."(133)- simile

"Everything you have experienced for the past five months has all been a dream"(117)- This is significant to the book because they bad people are telling the flock that everything within the last 5 months had been a dream. And that the whole thing had been a test to find out how they would react in certain situations.

An emerging theme in the book is that they will get caught then they will escape and then they will get caught again and escape again.

Monday, December 3, 2007

activities 1 blog

1. Forum snowboards vs. rome snowboards. This debate occurs at snowboard shops and places were you snowboard. The purpose it serves is to find out which board is better. yes it helps arrive at a better decition because you end up with a better board. It is an unstructured debate. It effects the decision process because in the end one of the people will change their minds on which board they are going to perchase.