Tuesday, December 18, 2007

week 5 post B

"The time of the Re-Evolution is here!"(251)- This quote is a turning point in the book because the thing that they don't want to happen is now happening. The re-evolution is a plan that the bad guys have to make a perfect world by killing all of the useless people and keep the healthy ones that can contribute to society. Max's job was to prevent this from starting and it has started. She now is doing everything in her power to get an army together and take on the bad guys to stop the re-evoltuion. But this is a hard task because first she has to destroy all the headquarter buildings of the company that is doing this.

week 5 post A

claustrophobia- The fear of being in a small space
Picturesque- unusual and vivid

figurative language:
"The sadness about my mother was like crying your guts out."(267)- simile
"Im like a damsel in distress."(286)- simile
"You write like a drunk monkey but you'll get there."(287)- simile

"But i am your mother, Max."(260)- This quote is significant to the book because Max grew up not knowing her mother and now she meets her and she is one of the people trying to kill her.

The theme of everyone banding together to defeat the bad guys is the emerging theme.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

week 4 post B

"And just to set the record straight, I left him. A split second after he left me."(183)- This quote is a big changing point in the book for the flock. After Max let Ari into the group Fang didn't want to be around anymore because Ari had tried to kill him before. So Fang made the decision to leave the flock and go his separate way. But before he left he wanted to know if anyone wanted to go with him and 2 other members of the flock did. So the flock was split into two, which is not good because they need to stick together to finish their mission that they were assigned. Now Fang and his two other flock members are in california and Max and her three members of the flock are in europe.

week 4 post A

redundant- exceeding what is necessary or normal.
dissemination- to disperse throughout.

Figurative language:
"Us.... on a plane. That seemed so wrong, somehow. Redundant."(188)"Isnt that redundant?"(189)- irony because they were thinking the same thing.
"Flying west without Max was like flying with one wing missing."(190)- simile.
"The building was gloomy like a dark cave."(212)-simile.

"The opposite of wherever Max was going."(191)- This is a big part in the book because the flock just split up.

danger aproching seems to be the rising theme.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

week 3 post B

"We're shutting down all of our recombinant-DNA experiments. All of the lupine-human blends have been retired, and it's time to retire you too."(122). - This quote is a huge climax in the book. The bad people are going to terminate the flock. The bad people are the ones that made them the human-bird combination and now that the flock is useless they are going to kill them. The bad people also killed all of there other experiments too. So now the flock is in a sticky situation and they have to get out of it before they end up being killed.

week 3 post A

Recombinant(118)- an organism, cell, or genetic material formed by recombination.
conundrums(124)- a confusing and difficult problem or question.

Figurative language:
"My blood turned to icy slush in my veins."(119)- metaphor
"They were hung in rows on metal hooks, like raggedy coats in a closet."(131)- simile
"It was like looking up and seeing a trains headlights coming right at you, and your feet just can't move off the track."(133)- simile

"Everything you have experienced for the past five months has all been a dream"(117)- This is significant to the book because they bad people are telling the flock that everything within the last 5 months had been a dream. And that the whole thing had been a test to find out how they would react in certain situations.

An emerging theme in the book is that they will get caught then they will escape and then they will get caught again and escape again.

Monday, December 3, 2007

activities 1 blog

1. Forum snowboards vs. rome snowboards. This debate occurs at snowboard shops and places were you snowboard. The purpose it serves is to find out which board is better. yes it helps arrive at a better decition because you end up with a better board. It is an unstructured debate. It effects the decision process because in the end one of the people will change their minds on which board they are going to perchase.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 post B

"Angel was missing."(67)- This quote is a major turning point for the book. With angel missing they have lost a family member but also there is a problem with this. A few chapters ago the brother of angel (fang) was typing on his blog when he found a comment reading "One of you is a traitor, one of the flock has gone bad."(18). This flock member was angel. with her being gone from the flock the bad people took her 6 year old mind and brain washed her into being a bad guy. They wanted her and not the others becasue angel has a special power to control minds and she is able to make the rest of the flock fly in for termination by the bad guys.

week 2 post A

saccharine (70)- sweetness or sugar like
bemused (71)- to make confused

Figurative language:
"Nudge felt like her own breath had turned to a chunk of concrete in her throat."(58-59)- This is a simile because it is saying her breath is like something.

"Ones wing was broken almost off, and the other appeared to be missing a leg."(49-50)- This is imagery because it gives you an image in your head about what the thing looks like.

"But the thought was gone, sliding away like jell-o off a hot car hood."(83)- This is a simile because it is saying that the thought is sliding away like something.

"Angel was missing."(67)- This quote is significant to the book because one of the "flock" is missing and was taken by the bad guys. This later will cause problems for the flock possably.

an emerging theme in the book is that the flock is running into more and more trouble.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

week 1 post B

"One of you is a traitor. One of the flock has gone bad."(18)- This quote is significant to the book because it gives a possible forshadow to what might happen in the book. This event in the quote shows that one of the main characters is going to have to find out who this traitor is in their "flock". This quote is also significant to the book because one of the problems these kids have in the book is that they can not trust anyone. If they trust someone to much then they run the risk of being found by the bad guys or they could be trusting the wrong person who then in return does something bad with that trust. If there is a traitor in their flock then they could be in serious trouble. Maybe even death.

week 1 post A

Vocab words:
schizoid (31)- denoting or having a personality type characterized by emotional aloofness and solitary habits; mad or crazy.
Ominous (34)- giving the impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen; threatening; inauspicious.

figurative language:
1. "Thanks to your plan, we can't spit without being spotted and recognized." (35)- This is figurative language because it is refering to one of the characters plans that resulted in the group getting spotted and now everyone is on the lookout for them so they cant do anything without people finding them.
2. "We'll be like cavemen, trying to weave clothes out of plant fibers." (40).- This is a metephor because it is saying that they will be like cavemen under certain conditions.
3. "The knowledge that she could rise up from the ground anytime like an angel." (44)- This is a metephor because it is saying that she feels like an angel.

"We can't last on the run much longer. I say screw the mission. Let them blow up the world. We can find a place to hide out where no one can find us, and we can just. . . live." (36). This is significant to the book because it basically describes the whole story of each book in the series. This is a group of humans that have been genetically engineered to have wings so they can fly. They are constantly on the run and have a mission to save the world. They are getting tired of running (as said in the quote) and want to forget about everything and just live someplace safe.

Emerging theme:
One emerging theme in the book is the constant struggle with the people trying to get rid of the hybrid bird human kids.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my new outside reading book

title: Maximum Ride by James Patterson
year published: may 2007
Book is fiction
Number of pages: 405
This book is chanllenging for me because its longer than most books i read and ill have to read more often for longer periods of time.
I chose the book because i read the book before it in the series and this is the sequal so i have to read it. Also the book before it was very entertaining and intresting so hopefully this one is to.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

week 5 post #2

Tampa had drafted some key players and was ready for the next season. They made it all the way to the NFC championship and then lost but they had the best defense anyone has ever seen. They were using a cover 2 defense were the corner backs and safteys would cover woever came into there zones. But ther key to there defence was gor the lineman to control there gaps and pass rush well. After all the years of having the staff together two of the defensive staff decided it was time to move on and one went to the jets and the other went with the rams. Tampa got Simeon Rice through a free agent and he was an allstar player. He didnt play with the intesity and determintation fo a good player but the the coaches changed that after he joined Tampa. They pushed him harder and harder until he played like they wanted him to. Tony Dungy added a new family member through adoption, Jordan, and he had a problem with his nervous system he couldnt feel pain. Jordan could run head first into a wall and not cry or feel the pain at all. They decided to add another through adoption named Jade and she joined the family a day before september 11, 2001. During a practice after the game against the philadelphia eagles Tony got the message that his mom has died from diebetes. He was sad because he had lost his mom but happy because she was in a better place. Tony had gotten the news papaer and saw that there was an article on him getting fired if he didnt win the playoff game. He didnt win the game and then 2 days later was fired by the team owner. Tony took the news just fine. He believed that god had a new place for him to go and had opened a different door. Tony's next job was with the colts as head coach and they werent doing to well.

week 5 post #1

i commented on Greg Weber's blog and Zach Worthy's blog

the sea inside post #3

There are two different camera angles and techniques that stood out the most through the movie. When you were traveling in the car with people they would use close up eye level shots to make u feel like ur sitting next to them and to make you feel like your apart of the conversation and intamite with the characters. Also they used trucking to make you feel like your in the car while the trees are passing by the car window. The second camers technique they used was when Julia left the room to get cigarettes and had a heart attack. When Ramon was screaming for manula to come and help the camera zoomed out and the picture faded into black to make you feel like you are losing something. Also it resembles Julia fading away from life.

the sea inside post #2

The sea inside and the diving bell and the butterfly were both very different but had some similarities. Some similarities were that Bauby and Ramon both were quadrapeligics and they both were stuck in beds with the occational wheel chair adventure. But the biggest similarity was that they both wrote a book about their lives. But there were more differences than similarities. Bauby became a quadrapeligic because of a major stroke but Ramon became one because of diving into shallow water and hitting his head and neck on the bottom of the ocean. They could control different parts of there bodies. Bauby could control his neck some and his left eye lid. Ramon could control his neck and everything above it perfectly. Bauby wanted to live but Ramon wanted to die.

The sea inside post #1

My general reaction to the film was that the film was sad and it made me think should people have the right to die. I personally think that Ramons wanting help for assisted suicide was a reasonable decition for him to make. If he is stuck in a place he doesnt want to be and cant get out he should choose what he needs to do next in this case he chose death. I think the courts decition to give him poison was a good one because then Ramon can do what he wants to do. I think that the friends that decided to help him were true friends. They made him happy by helping him with his dream to die and showed their respect for his judgements.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

week 4 part 2

summary: Tony had a rough first year as head coach the buccaneers didnt win any games and lost the season. But Tony just needed the right players and he needed to change some negative thinking habits of the team. He makes changes and picks the right people off the daft and goes into his 1997 year and has a winning season ending up in the playoffs against the green bay packers who they lost to. the croud after the years of losing seasons decided to stop going to games and they became an unpopular team. But they came back and had many many supporting fans after the 1997 year. After the successful 2 years of football Tony decided Tampa was a good place to live and built a house.

week 4 post 1

"Do whatever it takes with no excuses and no explinations" ~ Tony Dungy (page 106," Quiet Strength")

This quote is important to the book because this is how he runs his teams. Tony goes by this moto 24-7 and teaches it to all his players. This is a moto that got the tampa bay buccaneers to the playoffs in 1997 and 1998 back when the team wasnt doing to well. This quote struck me as important because it is a very true statement that can actually work if u put it to use.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

week 3 part 2

Tony has come very far in his sports career from being a player to becoming head coach. The book has many strengths it keeps you focused and amused. he tells the story of his life very well. I cant find any weaknesses in the book yet it is very well pit together and well thought out. One of the issues in the book that i think that the NFL should change is that the head quaters for the buccaneers (one buc) is not a very nice place, its dirty, extremely small, and old. This book relates to life because Tony never quites and takes every apportunity possable to get better. I try to do this in my life but i should probably do it more often. I can predict what happens next from what i know about the NFL. Tony goes on to win the super bowl with the buccaneers. But from his dads past i can tell that Tonys son will go into the same buisness as Tony.

week 3 part 1

summary of chapters.
-Dungy has the rolls of defensive corrdinator and assistant coach and he is learning to lead a team for his future of being a head coach.
-Dungy is serching for a head coach job
-Dungy finds jobs of head coach but non of them are ones that he wants
-Dungy finally gets a head job at the vikings and is there for awhile but his wife lauren doesnt like the cold minnesota weather and dosnt want to raise her kids there.
-Dungy is invited to a head coach job interview for the buccaneers
-Dungy travels wth lauren to tampa bay for the interview but Dungy doesnt think he will get the job but after many meetings and talks with the buccaneers head coach the buccaneers sign him as their new head coach.
-Dungy has to put a new staff on the team and highers many very good coaches.

http://tony-dungy-news.newslib.com/img/logo/4891.jpg (photo of tony dungy i could not get the picture onto the blog post)

Tony Dungy grew up loving football and basketball and played them everday. His biggest suporters were his mom and dad who helped him get to were he is today. he played collage football and basketball. He played professional football for the stealers and 49ers before becoming a coach. (no internet sights I made this up from what i have been reading)

Monday, October 8, 2007

reflection on the diving bell and the butterfly

After reading the intresting and amazing memoir by Jean-Dominique Bauby a man who had a stroke and know is a quatrapoligic. I was quite amazed at how he was handling everyday life and how he wrote the book. I personally dont like the book but i also don't hate it at the same time, you could say im neutral but leaning towards not liking it. I found it interesting how he was not self pittying and complaining about everything but he took a positive aproach and made the best out of what he was able to do. I find it sad that a writer like him could go from a nice life and all of a sudden have his life change in the way it did for him. He was an incredable man that did somehting i probably couldn't do.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

blog postings section #2 chap 5

Dungy was invited to speak at a church because the football player that was gunna do it was sick. So he went and gave a speech to the church. After one of the preists that worked there really thought Dungy would be a great match for this girl named lauren. the preist tryed to gert the together for a long time after the speech day and finally succeded in getting them to agree to see eachother. After about a year or 2 Dungy desided that this was the girl he wanted to marry and he proposed and they got married and wentto hawii for their honey moon.

blog section #2 chap 3-4

dungy played quarter back his sophmore year and was a starter on the varsity team. They elected captains the jounior year and dungy got picked and not his best friend bobby who clearly should have been a captain. There was racicsm in the votes dungy was convinced and he quit the team the team for basketball. He came back to football and played his senior year. he played college football as quarterback at the university of minnesota. He explained his jobs that he had in collage. He didnt like many of them. He was excited for draft time to get into the NFL as a quarter back. he didnt get drafte as a quarter back but he started his career playing for the pitsburg steelers. then shortly after got traded to the 49ers.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

chapter 2

Dungy was explaining his family life and how things were when he was growing up as a kid. He talked about his three siblings and he also talked about his parents lives and the things he learned from them. He explained his love for basketball and all the places he went to play it and all the people that he met doing it most of which are pro today.

chapter one

Dungy had gottne fired from his job as the buccaneers head coach and was packing up his things in his office and was walking around the stadium remember good memories.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


1. A link to the essay

2. Author
Albert Einstein

3. Title
An Ideal of Service to Our Fellow Man

4. One sentence of what the belief is
"Man's ethical behavior should be effectively grounded on compassion, nurture and social bonds."

5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief
-"What is moral is not the divine, but rather a purely human matter, albeit the most important of all human matters."
-"It is a very high goal: free and responsible development of the individual."

6. 1 favorite passage
"The pursuit of recognition for their own sake, an almost fanatical love of justice and the quest for personal independence form the traditional themes of the Jewish people, of which I am a member."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 questions

1. The thing at edina high school im most anxious for would have to be the new senery and the new people that came from south view because after the 2 years at valley view with the same people its kinda new and fun to have a completly different enviroment in both senery and people.

2. One goal I have for myself in my sophmore year is to get straight A's in all my classes and at least a B in AP Euro. because in the past few years i have had all A's and one or two B's so this year im gunna get all A's.