Saturday, October 20, 2007

week 3 part 1

summary of chapters.
-Dungy has the rolls of defensive corrdinator and assistant coach and he is learning to lead a team for his future of being a head coach.
-Dungy is serching for a head coach job
-Dungy finds jobs of head coach but non of them are ones that he wants
-Dungy finally gets a head job at the vikings and is there for awhile but his wife lauren doesnt like the cold minnesota weather and dosnt want to raise her kids there.
-Dungy is invited to a head coach job interview for the buccaneers
-Dungy travels wth lauren to tampa bay for the interview but Dungy doesnt think he will get the job but after many meetings and talks with the buccaneers head coach the buccaneers sign him as their new head coach.
-Dungy has to put a new staff on the team and highers many very good coaches. (photo of tony dungy i could not get the picture onto the blog post)

Tony Dungy grew up loving football and basketball and played them everday. His biggest suporters were his mom and dad who helped him get to were he is today. he played collage football and basketball. He played professional football for the stealers and 49ers before becoming a coach. (no internet sights I made this up from what i have been reading)

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