Saturday, October 20, 2007

week 3 part 2

Tony has come very far in his sports career from being a player to becoming head coach. The book has many strengths it keeps you focused and amused. he tells the story of his life very well. I cant find any weaknesses in the book yet it is very well pit together and well thought out. One of the issues in the book that i think that the NFL should change is that the head quaters for the buccaneers (one buc) is not a very nice place, its dirty, extremely small, and old. This book relates to life because Tony never quites and takes every apportunity possable to get better. I try to do this in my life but i should probably do it more often. I can predict what happens next from what i know about the NFL. Tony goes on to win the super bowl with the buccaneers. But from his dads past i can tell that Tonys son will go into the same buisness as Tony.

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greg weber said...

your insight is pretty good probably a 7/10. but as a whole i think you blogs are good. You might want to post more often though.