Sunday, October 28, 2007

week 5 post #2

Tampa had drafted some key players and was ready for the next season. They made it all the way to the NFC championship and then lost but they had the best defense anyone has ever seen. They were using a cover 2 defense were the corner backs and safteys would cover woever came into there zones. But ther key to there defence was gor the lineman to control there gaps and pass rush well. After all the years of having the staff together two of the defensive staff decided it was time to move on and one went to the jets and the other went with the rams. Tampa got Simeon Rice through a free agent and he was an allstar player. He didnt play with the intesity and determintation fo a good player but the the coaches changed that after he joined Tampa. They pushed him harder and harder until he played like they wanted him to. Tony Dungy added a new family member through adoption, Jordan, and he had a problem with his nervous system he couldnt feel pain. Jordan could run head first into a wall and not cry or feel the pain at all. They decided to add another through adoption named Jade and she joined the family a day before september 11, 2001. During a practice after the game against the philadelphia eagles Tony got the message that his mom has died from diebetes. He was sad because he had lost his mom but happy because she was in a better place. Tony had gotten the news papaer and saw that there was an article on him getting fired if he didnt win the playoff game. He didnt win the game and then 2 days later was fired by the team owner. Tony took the news just fine. He believed that god had a new place for him to go and had opened a different door. Tony's next job was with the colts as head coach and they werent doing to well.

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