Wednesday, November 28, 2007

week 2 post A

saccharine (70)- sweetness or sugar like
bemused (71)- to make confused

Figurative language:
"Nudge felt like her own breath had turned to a chunk of concrete in her throat."(58-59)- This is a simile because it is saying her breath is like something.

"Ones wing was broken almost off, and the other appeared to be missing a leg."(49-50)- This is imagery because it gives you an image in your head about what the thing looks like.

"But the thought was gone, sliding away like jell-o off a hot car hood."(83)- This is a simile because it is saying that the thought is sliding away like something.

"Angel was missing."(67)- This quote is significant to the book because one of the "flock" is missing and was taken by the bad guys. This later will cause problems for the flock possably.

an emerging theme in the book is that the flock is running into more and more trouble.

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