Thursday, January 17, 2008

top 10

1. Max- Max is the main character of the book and leader of the group. She and her group are human avian hybrids, which means they have been genetically engineered with wings and superhuman strengths. Max’s goal in the book is to save the world from a company called ITEX who is trying to kill regular humans and replace them with the human hybrids.
2. Fang- Fang is Max’s right hand man. He backs her up and is older than everyone in the flock. He wears black a lot and is like a ghost. He will be one place then a second later he will be in another. He is good at being sneaky and he’s excellent at not being noticed. Fang has a blog that he writes his daily accounts in and in the end of the book he gets millions of kids all over the world to revolt against ITEX by posting his life and how he needs help on his blog.
3. Climax- The climax of the book is the final fight of the book where max has to defeat Omega to save the world. Omega is another superhuman with all human qualities times 400. He is faster, stronger, and smarter than Max. They have to fight to the death and max wins because she found his weakness.
4. Germany- The climax happened in Lendeheim, Germany at one of the ITEX buildings. In this building they were running cruel tests and turning Normal humans into human hybrids. Max fought Omega here and found out all the information she needed about her life and family she didn’t know she had. Also a big part of the book happened when they had to fly over the Atlantic Ocean.
5. An important part of the book was when max found her mom- Ever since Max could remember she hasn’t had a mother and in the book her personal mission is to find her. After awhile she started to think she was just lab grown like the others. But Jeb tells her that Dr. Martinez was her mother but she didn’t believe it. Later after the big battle with Omega she took the head of ITEX high into the air and interrogated her and found out that Dr. Martinez was her mom and had donated an egg to the science program. At the end of the book they are living together as a family.
6. An important part of the book was when- Max and her half of the flock separated from Fang and his half- When the flock escaped from being captured by ITEX they added a new member to the flock. Ari a 7-year-old kid that had been genetically mixed with wolf DNA and avian DNA and put on steroids for his whole life joins the group. In the past Ari had almost killed Fang so when he joined the group Fang wasn’t too happy and didn’t feel safe. So he took half the flock that voted to go with him and left.
7. Recombinant DNA- This word is important to the book because its what the scientists at ITEX call mixing different DNA structures together to make the human hybrids. Recombinant DNA creatures are scheduled to take over the world to make it a perfect place. But Max defeats Omega then destroys ITEX for good.
8. Plot- The plot of the book is scientists that mix DNA from other creatures with humans have been trying to take over the world and kill all the humans that are sick, weak, unintelligent, etc. This plan is known as the by half plan because they plan on killing half the population and replace it with better super humans that they have created in the lab. But Max, Fang, Nudge, Iggy, Gassy, and Angel are all lab made recombinant DNA results that were human until the lab scientists added wings to them. With their wings tucked close to their body they look like regular humans, which enables them to walk around in public. These flying bird kids have a mission to stop this by half plan and save the world from corruption.
9. Resolution- The resolution to the story is after the climax when Max defeated Omega and found out who her mother was. The resolution to the problem of the scientists destroying the world is that Max saved the world and found out who her mother was. After all of this happened she flew to Arizona to live with her new family. But she couldn’t just desert her flock so she let them come and live with them to all as one big happy family.
10. An important part in the book is when- The scientists switched from there first weapon of morphing human wolf hybrids with wings called erasers that were used to try and hunt down the flock, to the new “flyboys” which were instead of living creatures robots with wings that were in the shape of erasers. They were more efficient, easier to take care of, and harder to kill. This made it harder for Max and her flock to win the fights between the flyboys and flock. This almost lead to them being killed multiple times but they made it out alive.


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I had to delete you comment on the blog. You put your first and last name on it. Sorry about that. We loved it though. Please leave more. Leave it with your first name only.

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Katie said...

i like the blog. i have read the books and they are so awsome. a description of our lives! it really explaines the pain we share. of course my life isnt always on the run. ;D