Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 7 post B

"Dr. Martinez really was my mother."(390)- This quote is a major part of the puzzle of the book. Ever since Max can remember she has never had a mother or known of who her mother was. In the book along with the quest to save the world she is on a self mission also to find out who her mom is. She had met Dr. Martinez once before because she needed someone to fix up her gunshot wound and liked her a lot. Then as she is talking and interigating the head leader of the human hybrid company ITEX she finds out that Dr. Martinez is actually her real mother and that she had donated an egg to the scientific research company. Now in the end of the book max and the flock along with Jeb and Dr. Martinez are all living in one house as a family.

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Katie said...

i think its really cool that she found her mom. i have always know my mom so it was hard for me to be torn away from her, but i know max's pain as well.